Armour of God 2: Operation Condor


Rating: ******

Directed by Jackie Chan
Starring Jackie Chan

During the last Armour of God film
Problems seemed to rule.
What could have been an amazing film
Instead turned into stool.

Though the first had some amazing scenes,
Most were slow and dull.
This is because Jackie Chan
Got a hole in his skull.

With this second film he planned to make
The film that he intended.
With action, suspense, comedy and adventure—
This film wouldn’t need to be defended.

It starts out with a treasure hunter
Stealing from an indigenous tribe.
They chase and try to kill him but
He leaves them miles behind.

He does this in several different ways,
Equipped with apparatus
Like an engine-propelled glider,
Flares, ropes and mask of Tigris.

He escapes by climbing onto
A large and bouncy ball
Which he rolls down a mountainside
Screaming out his call.

After this he gets a job
In Europe, it is shown.
His job is to find some missing gold
That the Nazis had once stolen.

He meets a young German woman
Whose granddad stole the treasure.
He’s monitored by a Chinese woman,
And they all set off together.

Naturally some evil Arabs
Want in on the hunt.
They attack and thus give Jackie Chan
Reasons to do some stunts.

He climbs on people, under people,
Around people like Sith,
And uses people, good or bad
To fight the bad guys with.

He does all sorts of acrobatics,
And his cool kung fu hobby.
One stunt involves a flying car
That just avoids hitting his body.

They travel to various countries,
Partially for the montage.
They see pretty sights and get chased by bears
And their thrills are all assuaged.

In the middle of the movie
They pick up a hitchhiker, sore,
Though to the audiences outside of Hong Kong,
She has never been seen before.

In the original version this Muslim girl
Is featured in the third sequence,
One of the many scenes removed
For international releases.

She has a deadly scorpion
Whom she keeps as her pet.
Unfortunately the thing gets killed
When the Arabs find their tent.

Eventually they find their way
To a fortress in the desert,
One that’s buried deep in sand,
Of the hot Sahara desert.

The one surviving Nazi
And his small legion of thugs
Attempt to get the stolen gold
And cart it away in trucks.

Jackie finds a way to turn
The tables on his foes.
Though this action takes a lot of work,
It keeps him on his toes.

He fights and climbs and falls
And twists his body often.
He almost loses his entire head
From a quickly moving platform.

He later finds himself within
An air chamber with a plane.
He flies around like Superman
Defeating his foes with his brain.

When all the thugs are lying prone
The old Nazi helps them leave.
He sends the airplane through the wall
And gives them space to breathe.

This is one of Jackie’s better films.
It’s sharp and sweet and silly.
The fighting, stunts and comedy
Mix together perfectly.

This movie has a bit of everything,
And is overall well done.
I’ll give it four stars out of five.
No, I’ll give it another one.

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