Batman (1989)



Directed by Tim Burton

Starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Robert Wuhl

Rating: ******

Jack Nicolson is transforming into The Joker.

Michael Keaton takes the role
As the famous caped crusader,
But does so in a different way
Than the previous caped crusaders.

Whereas Adam West was campy and fun,
Michael Keaton is much more serious.
He’s a brooding, humourless human being,
A choice that’s really quite curious.

Tim Burton took up the directing helm,
So we get a feeling it’ll be unique.
Though it’s not as crazy as some of his films,
It’s still dark, and weird and sleek.

This Batman film has a darker tone
Than those that came before it.
A risky action, yes, perhaps,
But the studio could afford it.

Jack Nicholson plays some guy
Who has something happen to him.
We see him turn into the Joker,
And take the role unto him.

The transition’s complete.

His face becomes deformed:
A permanent wicked smile
Greets every human being he meets,
As does a crocodile.

On his face he puts some makeup,
So he looks more like a clown.
His skin’s now white. His hair’s now green.
He has no trace of a frown.

He goes around committing crimes,
Laughing while he does it.
He’ll go and steal and rob and kill,
Never thinking “easy does it.”

This film has some good performances,
And some props we’d never seen.
Some of the choices from this film
Have made it to each Batman film since seen,

Like his costume now being all in black,
And armoured to deflect
Bullets and explosives,
Having been designed to protect.

They gave him a pully system,
So all he needs to do is shoot,
And a grappling claw attaches itself to a ledge,
A simple task, to boot,

While another button retracts the claw,
Or in this case carries him up,
Till he’s higher than he was before,
And the villains can’t follow him up.

Batman broods, but this time he’s not alone. He’s with Holli Would.

His gadgets seem more technical
Than they had in Sixty-Six.
They seem a lot more practical,
And he never seems to run out of tricks.

I’ll rate this with a four out of six,
A rating that could be higher.
Although this is a pretty good film,
Keaton hardly lights Batman on fire.

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