Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger


Directed by Joe Johnston

Starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayley Atwell

Rating: ******

Betsy Ross trains puny Steve Rogers.

Scrawny, short,
And pretty spindly,
Young Steve Rogers
Was really just simply

A man too weak
In person, for real,
To ever be anyone’s
Physical ideal.

A simple pushup
He can barely manage.
If he hit you, he’d do
Little damage.

He tries to sign up
For World War II,
But keeps being rejected,
And turned away, too,

But the Army takes notice
Of his persistence,
His continual, dogged,
Unwavering persistence,

So they invite him
To volunteer
For a Top Secret Project
So he can be near

The Red Skull does some evil deeds.

Some of the action,
And play his part,
Because he has
A courageous heart.

They inject him
With some dangerous drug,
And enhance his body
Till he looks like a thug.

With glistening muscles,
He grows a head taller,
And has strength comparable
To ten footballers.

So how does the Army
Use their new weapon?
Do they send him on missions?
No. That’ doesn’t happen.

Instead, they use him
To sell War Bonds,
As the Army’s new mascot,
Until he absconds

With a shiny new shield
Made with unbreakable meatal,
And goes on a mission
Against a red-faced devil.

This man is a Nazi
Named the Red Skull.
Steve must topple his kingdom,
And cause it to fall.

Captain America and his unbreakable shield.

His new hero name
Is Captain America.
He’s the first-born Avenger
Without the hysteria.

This movie was pretty
Darned good, I find,
So I’m giving it a
Rating of five.

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