Directed by Francis Lawrence

Starring Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Djimon Hounsou

Rating: ******

For the best health, it’s important to exorcise.

Keanu Reeves plays
John Constantine,
An exorcist
Who arrives on scene

When a little girl,
Quite possessed,
Scowls when she meets
Her exorcist.

John opens the blinds,
Letting in sun,
And uses Holy Water
To burn her some,

The female co-lead thinks her sister might have gone to Hell.

But his tricks
Don’t work in here,
Not till he gets
A three-foot mirror,

Into which
He traps the demon,
Who falls out the window
While he’s screamin’.

This is just the
Start of his day.
He will have some
Half-breed demons to slay.

So Keanu searches for her in Hell.

John is cursed,
For he killed himself,
And thus spent two
Long weeks in Hell,

So he does what he can
To rack up points
So he might enter Heaven
At some point.

He teams up with
A woman thin,
Who has recently
Lost her twin.

Constantine is having a bad day.

So Constantine
And the girl
Go and explore
The Spiritual world.

The story’s streamlined
Like an onyx.
Its premise comes
From DC Comics.

The actors do
A decent job.
There’s action, too,
So we won’t sob.

She primps her hair so she doesn’t end the same way.

I’m giving this
Good film a four.
It has a good story
At its core.

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