Death Wish (2018)

Paul Kersey, surgeon.

Death Wish Remake


Directed by Eli Roth
Starring Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Dean Norris

Rating: ******

When a man finds his calling,
It gives him such joy
That he smiles and swaggers
As if still a boy.

Paul’s happy, loving, wife and daughter.

His attitude changes.
He’s on top of the world.
He loves what he’s doing.
He has found his life’s pearl.

We see this happen in Breaking Bad,
And every superhero film with a mentor dad,
And in dramas in which folks change their life around,
As when buying a zoo or a doggie pound.

Paul enjoying his family.

In the original Death Wish,
Bronson’s eyes
Alight with merriment
As he kills the bad guys.

It’s hard to keep
The smiles off his face
As he guns down muggers
Of every race.

Paul mourning his family.

Indeed, it seems
That his greatest delight
Is to watch their pain and shock
As their eyes lose their light.

In this remake, however,
Bruce Willis seems bored.
He still shoots muggers
But shows no joy or remorse.

Dean Norris

In fact, he barely seems to show
Any emotion, any at all.
Even when crying his face
Is like a crying toy doll.

The story is similar,
But it’s not as well done.
The director and lead
Did not make this fun.

Vincent D’Onofrio

In the original,
When the bad guys were near,
They had their own musical theme,
To make it clear.

In this film,
There is no music at all
–No menacing footnote
Hinting at what’s to befall.

YouTube to the rescue!

The two supporting characters,
Vincent D’Onofrio
And Dean Norris have more charisma
Than Bruce Willis is willing to show.

Bruce plays Mr. Kersey,
Now a busy surgeon.
Bad guys kill his family
Without a lot of urgin’.

Bruce’s infallible disguise.

Bruce cries for a bit
And then finds a gun,
And after some lessons on YouTube,
He goes out for his fun.

Only, he doesn’t look like
He’s enjoying himself.
His expressionless face
Keeps his thoughts to himself.

Bruce kills the bad guys.

Bruce also lacks the manliness
Bronson added to the role.
He was someone none would mess with.
Bruce doesn’t have that kind of soul.

All in all, we’re left with
A somewhat boring movie.
I’m giving it two stars out of six
Because it failed to move me.

“Better pray there’s no sequel, pal!”

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