Heart Of Dragon

Heart Of Dragon


Directed by Sammo Hung, Fruit Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Emily Chu

Rating: ******

A man with the mind of a child plays with a child’s toy.

They don’t treat retarded people
With reverence in Hong Kong.
This type is often mistreated,
And is more than often wronged.

Severely retarded people,
Being unable to pull their own weight,
Are ridiculed and pushed around,
Sometimes dependent on the State.

In this film, Heart of Dragon,
Jackie Chan plays a cop,
One who has a retarded brother,
One whose shenanigans never stop.

He’s a simple-minded, happy idiot.

At the start, we see his brother
Playing with some kids.
They’re right outside of a restaurant.
Out in the open, none are hid.

They see a couple leave the place
And overhear the woman say
That they had spent ten dollars
For the food they ate that day.

This gives the children an idea:
They’ll go in there and eat.
All together they have ten dollars.
They anticipate their treat.

His brother, Jackie Chan, sometimes resents him.

The brother nods and joins them.
He wants to eat as well.
The Maitre d’ welcomes them,
And treats them rather well,

That is, until the adult
(The retarded brother, natch)
Hands him the ten dollars,
But finds out that there’s a catch.

You see, the ten dollars the couple had spent
Just went towards the tip.
This knowledge was unknown
To the brother and the kids.

…particularly when he makes a mess.

Since that is all the money
That the dumb guy had,
They beat him up and call the cops,
After discovering they’ve been had.

The fool, scared and witless,
Runs from them and hides,
In the freezer of all places,
A place where he could have died.

Jackie comes and saves him,
And pays for all the fuss.
He’s not proud of his brother,
He regards him as a wuss.

Being like a child himself, he gets along best with kids.

He has been paying his way through life
Through most of his adulthood.
He’s tired of his brothers crap,
Though his brother tries to do good.

He wants a life of his own,
One without his brother.
He just doesn’t favour
The responsibility any longer.

The man who plays the brother
Who’s always landing in trouble
Is played by the great Sammo Hung,
A man who needs no stunt double.

Occasionally, Jackie will have to save him.

He brings great likability,
And naivete and charm
To his role as an idiot,
Who never means to harm.

His acting was magnificent,
Playing the role like only he can,
And together has amazing scenes
With co-star Jackie Chan.

This film is short on action
Till somewhere near the end.
It’s a drama first and foremost,
With a good message to send.

Even if it might send him to prison.

This is not an action movie.
Don’t expect that going in.
I give this a 4.5 out of 6.
It sticks with you long after la fin.

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