Intro to Unity Course

This is Part 2 of my eleven-part review of the course Devslopes 3D Game Development Academy.

Intro to Unity Course

Course Company: Devslopes
Instructor: Mark Price

Rating: ******

This lesson was a short one,
A short one, a short one.
It basically says what to expect
If you jump into this feet first.

Mark Price tells us of zombies,
Zombies, zombies,
In 2.5 dimensions,
Looking great instead of worse.

Our teacher Mark Price explains his course.

Then he mentions a 2D Tower,
Tower, Tower,
Actually, different towers
That you’ll have to defend.

Next is a 3D arcade game,
Arcade game, arcade game,
With spectacular 3D assets,
A joy from start to end.

Installing Unity.

The next thing up is Devcraft,
Devcraft, Devcraft.
It’s a working clone of Minecraft
With an open world that stretches on.

Then we’ll learn some lighting,
Lighting, lighting.
We’ll learn how to get the mood and tone
Before we continue on.

We begin making our first game.

Then we’ll make a cutscene,
Cutscene, cutscene.
We’ll animate a camera,
And it will look really sharp.

Last up is a MOBA,
Multiplayer mechanics
Strung together with C Sharp.

The zombie heads will roll towards their respective colours.

We then make Zombie Roller,
Roller, Roller
It’s our first ever mini-game
That we get to make, alter and change.

Then we hear of pricing,
Pricing, pricing.
We find out how much it costs
To use Unity for personal gain.

Zombie Roller is exactly as it sounds.

Thus ends the Intro,
The Intro, the Intro.
It starts to make us salivate
When we think of what’s to come.

This big course takes many hours,
Hours, hours.
We hope that we can follow along
Without feeling too dumb.

Untiy pricing plans.

Because this is exciting,
Exciting, exciting,
I’m giving the intro a six star score,
For I can hardly wait.

Now the suspense is building,
Building, building.
Will this course live up to the heights
For which I anticipate?

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