Iron Man

Iron Man


Directed by Jon Favreau

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges

Rating: ******

Billionaire Tony Stark is captured by terrorists.

The very first film
In the MCU
Is a pleasure to watch
And listen to.

The MCU,
For better or worse,
Is the Marvel Cinematic

An enormous franchise
With multiple films,
And multiple characters
With their own films

Who all come together,
United by choice,
To face off against villains
Who leave them no choice.

Billions of dollars
This concept has made,
Due to quality scripting
And few delays,

And the one to begin it
Was Iron Man.
A trip through the desert
Was where it began.

Tony Stark,
A billionaire,
Is inside a limo
When it is launched through the air.

The limousine
Is under attack
By Arabic terrorists
From the wrong side of the tracks.

Tony Stark is back on US soil.

They target Tony
Because he makes guns,
And other assorted
Assault weapons.

They kidnap him
And take him to a cave,
And then they put him
To work as a slave.

Poor Tony is forced
To make them a weapon,
But the deceitful Tony
Works on a secret weapon.

Due to an injury
That he had sustained,
He builds a small power source
That can power a train,

A bus, a copter,
And all of L.A.
It fits in his chest
Next to his heart, okay?

He also designs
A suit so swarmy
It turns him into
A one-man army.

He uses the suit
To escape his foes.
Then back in America,
He changes his clothes

And builds an even better
Suit from his plans.
He dons the new gear
And becomes Iron Man.

His newer, improved Iron Man suit.

Then he flies round the world.
Blowing up people
And sets the movie
Up for a sequel.

This movie was very well
Done, my friend.
It gets a five-point-five out of six.
I won’t bend.

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