Little Aurora

Little Aurora, out like a light,
Completely immobile, dreaming of sleep.
Her twin sister Thora is fussing about,
But she makes not the slightest peep.

When she gets hungry, her closed little eyes
Scrunch up, and she lets out a cry.
She arches her back and she turns her head,
For her small mouth is feeling too dry.

Once feeding, the young girl begins to drift off.
To Dreamland she quickly arrives.
Her gallon of milk was like sleeping gas.
To consciousness she gives her goodbyes.

Wrapped in a blanket that she begins to kick off,
She starts hiccupping slowly but sure.
After a while she begins to nod off.
Her breathing resembles a purr.

Thus ends a few moments in a young baby’s life
That do not include changing or bathing.
She’ll continue to be a role model for all,
All due to her way of behaving.

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