Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy


Directed by Sammo Hung

Starring Jackie Chan, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Miki Lee, Richard Norton

Rating: ******

This is Giancarlo, the big bad guy.

A drug deal is going down,
But one side is double-crossed.
A shootout ensues and soon afterwards
One of the sides has lost,

But a monkey wrench appears.
Two reporters caught it all on film.
They soon get chased by bad guys.
Both the winners and the losers want the film.

The cameraman is captured,
But his partner grabs the tape.
Fearing for her very life,
She runs through the streets to escape…

Jackie helps out a lady in distress.

…And bumps right into Jackie Chan,
A chef just strolling along.
He sees her being attacked by thugs
And send them limping along.

This is due to his mastery
Of a discipline called Kung Fu.
He also does acrobatic tricks
That we all just wish we could do.

He saves the day and they both part ways,
But not before the tapes get switched,
Hers the documentation of the shootout,
While a cooking show was his.

One of these tapes is not his.

Bad guy Giancarlo,
As played by Richard Norton,
Pursues the gang that crossed him,
And his drugs that they are portin’.

The gang, like Giancarlo,
Have everything to lose
If the female reporter
Airs that tape on the news.

It’s not long before Jackie’s involved,
And is chased by thugs and killers.
He fights them off and tries to evade these goons
In this fantastic, action-packed thriller.

Jackie drives a horse and carriage.

As usual in a Jackie Chan film,
We’re spoiled with some epic action,
Masterful choreography, breathtaking stunts,
And a leaven of inaction.

When the United States premiered this,
Over thirteen minutes was cut.
We’re fortunate that a recent Blu-ray
Shows us the Director’s Cut.

It’s a movie worth watching, well worth seeing.
I recommend it highly.
I’ll give it five stars out of six,
And I don’t do this shyly.

Another beating for Jackie.

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