Raging Phoenix

Raging Phoenix


Directed by Rashane Limtrakul

Starring JeeJa Yanin, Kazu Patrick Kang, Nui Saendaeng

Rating: ******

One of Jeeja’s friends.

A melancholic alcoholic
Played by JeeJa Yanin
Meets a group of miscasts
On the same beach that she ran in.

They practice of form of Muay Thai
That looks like it’s fueled by drink,
But it’s actually accented
By the pain that drives one to drink.

Time to break some bones.

They teach her this martial art
Then go up against some villains
–Some very mean and very evil,
Nasty sorts of villains.

These villains kidnap young women
And make them sad enough to cry
To harvest their tears for expensive perfume
That they expect the rich to buy.

Pain and fury keep the audience watching.

With equally sad stories
These Janes and Dicks and Bobs
Are forced to synchronize
As they take apart the Mob.

The leader of the baddies
Is a female martial artist
When Jeeja is the last one left,
We see the better martial artist.

Ta da! The main bad guy.

The story, though silly, is performed with such depth
That we almost yearn for a sequel.
I’m giving this movie 4.5 out of 6,
Being hard-pressed to locate its equal.

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