Rambo III

Rambo III


Directed by Peter MacDonald

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Marc de Jonge

Rating: ******

Rambo, posing for a glamour shot.

In Rambo III, setting down his visor,
Rambo’s former supervisor
Finds Rambo in Thailand having a match
With a Muay Thai trainee, and they kick and they scratch,

But Rambo prevails after some well-placed conks,
And gives his reward money to some monks.

Colonel Trautman asks for his aid
In a rescue mission he can start today,
But Rambo says no, so he does it alone,
Getting captured with no access to a phone.

Col. Trautman follows him to Thailand.

Rambo changes his mind and asks for permission
To go on a violent solo mission
Into the Afghan desert heat
Where he would find some villains to beat.

His request is greenlit and he’s sent far away
To raise bloody hell in a fearsome way.
He kills lots of people and rescues his friend,
But they both get surrounded near the end.

He gets somebody in his sights.

Two helicopters, Jeeps, people and tanks
Surround the duo like a shed made of planks.

Do they surrender? They’re awfully tired.
No way. Instead, they open fire.
Do they survive? Well, to reveal their fate,
I’ll just say they made Rambo IV in 2008.

This film is full of action and the story’s not bad.
It gets four out of six stars for being pretty rad.

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