Rush Hour

Jackie Chan

Rush Hour

Directed by Brett Ratner
Starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker

Rating: ******

This is one of Jackie’s better American films,
Though that doesn’t amount to a lot.
Despite the large presence of Jackie Chan,
A Jackie Chan film this is not.

Chris Tucker

Jackie Chan plays a cop from Hong Kong
Who visits America to work on a case.
He gets paired with a detective with the LAPD,
A man from an African race.

At first these two coppers do not get along,
Since they’re as different as apples to eels,
But in time they grow to understand one-another,
And how their new partner thinks and feels.

“Ha ha.”

Comedian Chris Tucker plays the motormouth cop,
Streetsmart, and yet full of jive.
Jackie plays the acrobat, martial arts cop,
A man who should not be alive.

They plod through this rather predictable film,
With its well overused Hollywood premise.
Jackie Chan just seems to be following along.
To his career it’s a bit of a blemish.


This became Jackie’s Hollywood breakthrough film.
The American public seemed to enjoy it.
Though it wasn’t as popular in Hong Kong,
The Chinese also seemed to enjoy it.

Jackie Chan had been trying for years
To become number one in the States.
He appeared with Burt Reynolds and Big John Studd,
But those movies just left him with aches.

Jackie, chained to his contract.

He had little success in Hollywood
Until Rush Hour came along.
Suddenly he became a househould name,
Like he had been for decades in Hong Kong.

Though I’m glad that it gave his career a boost,
Instead of being told to take a hike,
And that it introduced Westerners to some of his skills,
This film I don’t personally like.

I find Mr. Tucker annoying,
And that the plot feels tired and old.
I’m giving this movie a two out of six,
For it doesn’t come close to Chan’s gold.

Perhaps the most iconic scene from the film.

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