The Kick

It wouldn’t be a Thai movie without elephants.

The Kick


Directed by Prachya Pinkaew

Starring Jae-Hyun Cho, Ji-won Ye, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Jeeja Yanin

Rating: ******

The bad guy sees an ancient object he likes.

The head terrorist from the Power Kids
Plays the head baddie in this one.
His gang tries to steal an ancient Thai knife,
But a family of do-gooders stop them.

The family are experts of Taekwondo,
And are travelling to show off their skills.
There’s a father, a mother, an older son,
A sister and a small boy to help pay the bills.

The sister is played by Jeeja Yanin,
Who’s a part of the team this time,
And though she’s not center stage, she’s on full display,
A whirlwind quite sublime.

Ooh, a knife!

The family prevents a robbery
And think of themselves as quite safe,
But the bad guys dislike their interference
Because they have lost face.

The villains later go after them,
And they’re forced to defend themselves.
They must kick and punch and throw and flip
And knock people off the shelves.

Jeeja fights a woman in a fenced-off area,
While the son has a fight near some fans.
All of the training seems to have paid off,
They’re so quick with their feet and their hands.

A father trains his martial-arts family.

The kick in the title refers to a kick
That the son somehow has to pull off.
His father critiques him for not being able
To master the kick, so he scoffs.

The son puts a lot of effort in
To perfecting this kick of choice.
This comes in really handy near the end of the film,
When they head baddie leaves him no choice.

The meanie grabs the youngest kid
And throws him like a sack of potatoes.
Then he tries to kill with the knife,
But an elephant makes him unable.

The pretty Jeeja Yanin gets to show off her Tae Kwan Do.

The elephant grabs him from behind,
And the baddie starts stabbing his trunk.
The angry elephant throws him towards
The oldest son, who’s full of spunk.

The son successfully executes
A two-and-a-half spin tornado,
The kick we’ve been waiting the movie to see,
That boots the guy back to the cradle.

I’m giving this movie of four of six,
For good choreography and good story,
Though the fights look like dancing without the impact,
If you watch it you will not feel sorry.

The eldest son fights for his life.

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