Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World


Directed by Alan Taylor

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston

Rating: ******

Loki, up to more mischief.

For Loki’s many, many crimes,
Loki is imprisoned.
He sits in a cell in Asgard, bored,
For it’s action that he’s missin’.

Asgardian builders work on a bridge
That allows them to pass through to new worlds.
Someone had broken it in the past,
So they scurry around like squirrels.

Some evil elves detesting Odin
Have a special substance.
They call this substance Aether,
And try to give Odin his comeuppance.

Their father Odin.

While all of this is going on,
A rare phenomenon appears.
Thousands of portals to other worlds
Instantiate themselves there and here.

Thor’s lady friend, Jane Foster,
Finds one back on Earth.
She soon gets teleported
To a world with little mirth.

She finds herself some Aether
And gets herself infected.
If, indeed, the Aether kills her,
She’ll need to be resurrected.

Thor is perplexed.

At some point the elves attack Asgard,
And free Loki in the process.
With this myriad of enemies,
Who can protect he fortress?

This movie was entertaining.
Though far from the best in the MCU,
It definitely deserves a watch.
I’ll give it a three plus two.

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