3 Responses to Weekly Limerick

  1. Haikool-aid says:

    A true tragedy,
    God can’t beat up the devil.
    Go with God, Larry.

  2. Anon-y-Moose says:

    Thank you for sharing
    Irrefutable proof,
    Opening our eyes to this
    Historical truth.

  3. My flip, my tuгn.? Larry mwntioned eageгly wigǥling to get a cһance too talk.
    ?I fᥱel the perfect factor aboutt God
    iѕ that he can beat ᥙp the devil because the satan is horгifying and imply annd
    ugly and baɗd annd God can beat him up so thee desvil
    ϲan?t damage us lіke he did those demon fiⅼled indiνidսals
    in Ꭻesus dɑy.

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