Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure

aka An Ewok Adventure


Directed by John Korty

Starring Eric Walker, Warwick Davis, Fonnula Flanagan

Rating: ******

Cindel is discovered by the Ewoks.

I saw this movie years ago
And had a hard time getting through it.
When I decided to review the Ewok films
I knew that I’d have to get back to it.

This is because it had been so long
That I barely even recalled it.
To review all of the Star Wars movies
I would have to go back and watch it.

I started with the second one,
For I had never seen this.
I had thoroughly enjoyed it,
Glad that I didn’t give it a miss.

So I re-watched the first one,
Thinking maybe I wasn’t in the mood the first time.
Should I give this movie another chance,
Surely I’d love it this time.

But alas, this film was just as bad
As it had been all those years ago.
When I asked myself if I should watch this film,
I should have just said no.

It’s not the story. The story’s okay.
A family of people lands on Endor.
Two parents get captured by big, mean giant
Leaving their two kids alone on Endor.

Luckily, the kids meet some Ewoks
Who decide to help them out.
They have a few nifty adventures,
But they’re nothing to shout about.

The two leads are kind of annoying.
There’s a cute, little four-year-old girl,
Who’s cute but cannot act at all,
But makes up for it with a head full of curls.

Cindel’s brother is one moody guy.

The kid who plays her brother,
Fifteen-year-old Eric Walker,
Is rather whiny and unlikable,
And he’s the only talker.

Nobody else in the film says very much.
The Ewoks have their own unique speech,
And every time they say something
The brother interprets that speech,

But it’s not all the fault of the stars.
This world is a fun and fantastical place.
Where all kinds of unique things can happen,
So why does our joy take last place?

This film is simply boring.
Wishing it wasn’t won’t change that fact.
The time really seems to drag,
And it’s only an hour and a half.

Maybe it’s the fault of the director.
Maybe the music was subpar.
Whatever the case, it’s another TV film
That does not work from Star Wars.

Wicket tries to be friendly to the humans.

In all fairness it’s marginally better
Then the abomination
Known as the Star Wars Holiday Special,
Without those big ambitions.

It’s a story so badly told
That no one should watch it at all.
I’m giving this a measly two out of six.
Watch or don’t watch. It’s your call.

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