Directed by Peyton Reed

Starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Evangeline Lily

Rating: ******

Scott, fresh out of prison, gets a job.

A man named Scott,
A burglar,
Has nearly served his time
In stir.

When he gets out,
To see his kid,
He receives an offer
With a pretty high bid.

He turns it down,
But they won’t accept no,
So he eventually agrees,
And the mission’s a go.

He steals a suit,
But gets nabbed by the fuzz,
Gets locked in a cell
And hears a small buzz.

Something is moving
Inside of his cell.
It’s something quite tiny,
That he can’t see well.

Michael Douglas, as Ant-Man, sr.

That something’s an ant,
Who gives him a suit—
The same one he stole—
And it grows like a fruit.

He climbs inside
And presses a button
That shrinks him to ant-size
At the touch of a button.

Thus begins
A change in his life,
With which fascination
And danger is rife.

Michael Douglas,
A retired old man,
And once the original

Beseeches Scott
To keep his tech safe
And to use it only
To keep everyone safe.

This first foray
Into Ant-Man’s world
Is light-hearted and fun,
So give it a whirl.

Evangeline Lily as the new Wasp.

The story is clever,
The dialogue cute,
And it’s a great design
For the Ant-Man suit.

I’m giving this movie
A well-deserved five.
It has earned this rating,
Moreso than I’ve.

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