Batman (1966)

Batman (1966)


Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

Starring Adam West, Burt Ward, Caesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, Lee Merriweather

Rating: ******

Behold, the Bat-Copter!

Batman! Batman!
Batman, Batman, Batman.

Adam West
And the young Burt Ward
Star as Batman and Robin
As they move toward

A unique, exciting
It seems a yacht
Disappeared from the sea.

The Dynamic Duo
They see a yacht vanish.
Were they too late?

No. They discover
That it’s all a sham.
Projection equipment
Was used once again.

Who is responsible
For this tricky farce?
They soon find out
That the clues were not sparse.

A submarine spies
As they’re examining
An unusual buoy,
But it’s a trap they spring.

Inside the sub
Are four masterminds,
Evil, corrupt,
Of the sinister kind.

They are the Penguin, The Riddler,
Catwoman, the Joker,
Though far more friendly
Than from the mind of Bram Stoker.

They launch some
Torpedoes at the two men,
But they are foiled
Yet again.

The Dynamic Duo at the Commissioner’s office.

To save their hides,
Batman has to take
The lives of dolphins,
A hard choice to make.

He tricks them into
Swimming in front
Of the oncoming torpedoes,
To feel the brunt.

He regrets his actions,
But to live with himself,
He knows it was all he could do
To save themselves.

“Holy Polaris!”
The Boy Wonder exclaims
As a Polaris missile
With a singular aim

Rises up from the sea
And into the sky,
And leaving a riddle nearby.

The Batman figures
Those who sold them that sub
Were the American Military,
So he gives them a snub.

He calls up an Admiral
At the Pentagon
And chastises the man
For his negligent wrong.

This film is just as silly
As was the show,
But has a higher budget,
Don’t you know?

We see the Batcopter,
And a Bat boat,
And four villains at once,
And all villains of note.

The Catwoman we see
Is played by Lee Merriweather,
One we have not seen
Before or since, ever.

The Catwoman and the Penguin conspire.

She plays a very good
Catwoman, so far,
But cannot compare
To Julie Newmar.

This movie is fun
And earns a five.
You just might have
The time of your life.

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