Batman Begins

Batman Begins


Directed by Christopher Nolan

Starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes

Rating: ******

Bruce as a child.

A young Bruce Wayne is growing up.
We see him play with Rachel.
She’s his little childhood friend,
And a bit like his guardian angel.

When Bruce falls through the lawn one day,
And down into a cave,
It’s she that runs to look for help
So that he can be saved.

Young Bruce had found a bat cave,
For which he’ll find a user later.
Luckily, his father arrives
To reach him as his aider.

Later on, his parents are shot
By a robber with a pistol.
Young Bruce is devastated.
His life becomes despicable.

Much later, as a rich young man
He’s seen living in a prison
In some remote and far-off country,
And he’s there through his own decision.

He seems to covet action.
With recklessness he’s strife,
And he seems to have a peculiar
Disregard for his own life.

Liam Neeson has Taken in a new apprentice.

He’ll get into fistfights
Just to see who’s tougher.
Sometimes he will win.
Sometimes he’ll be bested by the other.

Liam Neeson finds young Bruce,
And brings him into the mountains
Where he teaches him some ninja skills
And how to tap into his internal fountain,

But Bruce betrays his teacher,
And massacres his peers.
He returns to Gotham City,
Whereupon he strikes deep fear

Into the criminal underworld,
Featuring the folks he most despised—
The murderers, rapists, robbers—
Via wearing a disguise.

Thus, he becomes The Batman,
A vigilante dressed in black,
Who beats up nefarious ne’er-do-wells
When he’s on the attack.

In addition to his ninja skills,
He has technology unfurled
Because he’s one of the richest
People in the world.

His billion-dollar company
Makes intricate machines
That makes invincible Iron Men
Out of regular Marines.

They have bullet-resistant armour,
And nifty throwing knives,
Reliable pully systems,
So the wearer will not die.

They also have vehicles
The like no one has seen,
Like a large-wheeled all-terrain truck,
Dark, sleek and looking mean.

He decides to use the bat cave
That he fell into as a boy.
He fills the place with weapons,
Vehicles and toys.

This is the most well-done Batman film
Made up to this time.
Well written and well-directed,
It was far ahead of its time.

Christian Bale
Makes a great Bruce.
As Batman,
He really puts his vast skills to use.

An older Bruce Wayne.

Christopher Nolan
Makes the reality so appealing,
He’ll have you reined in.
He’ll have you believing.

I’m giving this film.
A five point five.
They outdid themselves,
Far more so than I’ve.

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