Battle For The Planet Of The Apes

Battle For The Planet of the Apes


Directed by J. Lee Thompson

Starring Roddy McDowell, Claude Akins, Natalie Trundy, Austin Stoker

Rating: ******

Meet Aldo, an evil ape.

A fifth Planet of the Apes movie?
We can surmise what might be in store.
In a series with perpetual conflict
Why not end with a war?

It’s not as brutal as the last film.
In fact, the apes live in peace,
And the human’s tiptoe around them,
Always ready to retreat.

The people are no longer a problem
And Caesar has a son.
The time for war has ended
And there seems to be plenty for everyone.

But unbeknownst to Caesar,
In his midst is an evil ape.
He plans on taking over
And becoming the dominant ape.

Caesar (far left) and his circle of friends.

This ape is a gorilla.
Aldo is his name.
He wants to create conflict
Instead of leaving everything the same.

When Caesar goes on a voyage
Aldo takes the time
To criticize all of Caesar’s actions
To all who can swing on a vine.

Cesar travels quite a distance
Till he’s beneath a city’s ruins.
He wants to hear his parents’ voices
Which were recorded like popular tunes.

He doesn’t realize it,
But he is being watched.
Fearful human beings
Think they’re being watched.

When Caesar returns to his village,
An army isn’t far behind.
He sees that Aldo has enslaved the humans,
And that his son has died.

With so much going on at home
The humans decide to attack.
An increasingly angry Caesar
Knows that he won’t get his son back.

An approaching human army.

It’s another enjoyable Apes film,
And the very last one you’ll see
That was made a very long time ago
In the 20th century.

It ended on a high note
And it kept the spirit alive.
That’s why I’ll be awarding
This marvelous film a five.

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