Beginner and Advanced Lighting in Unity

This is Part 8 of my eleven-part review of the course Devslopes 3D Game Development Academy.

Beginner and Advanced Lighting in Unity

Course Company: Devslopes
Instructor: Mark Price

Rating: ******

This is a 3D lesson,
As Mark Price will explain.
He’ll tell us when to use lights,
And when we should refrain.

We see a darkened fire pit.

Lighting is important.
It can make dark places clear.
It can also increase shadows
And change the atmosphere.

Everything we learn here
Can be applied not just to maps,
But also cinematic cutscenes,
And treasure chests, and traps.

The Legend of Devslopes map is very bright and cheery.

Using the map we used for
Our Legend of Devslopes game,
We alter the lighting and play around
Till it no longer looks the same.

We turn off the sun and make it night,
And add a few point lights.
At a window, it’ll appear
That someone’s inside at night.

…not anymore.

We add a particle system to a pit
And move it as if with pliers,
Adjusting all its attributes
Until we have a roaring fire.

Mark’s best advice through all of this
Is not to stand around,
Saying that if we really want to learn this,
We’ll have to play around.

We add a few lights.

We add some stars into the sky
And make the shadows large.
We learn how to bake in lighting,
So our files won’t be so large.

Whilst the Legend of Devslopes map
Was happy and full of colour,
This new map’s kind of scary,
Much darker and more sombre.

We learn to bake…

It would be a good place
For an ambush or a war,
Or to meet a mysterious stranger.
It leaves us expecting more.

This lesson’s short and simple,
But manages to intrigue.
I’ll give a six out of six for showing us
The endless opportunities.

…and marvel at the difference.

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