Best F(r)iends vol 2

(At the moment of this writing, this is the only picture I have from this film.)

Best F(r)iends Vol. 2


Directed by Justin MacGregor

Starring Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau, Kristen StephensonPino, Rick Stanton, R.J. Cantu

Rating:  ******

Best F(r)iends Vol 1
Left a lot of folks confused.
We left a good mystery somewhere in the middle
And were affected by this ruse.

There were too many unanswered questions
About the characters and the events.
Things were moving along at a gradual pace
Before starting to get intense.

Since I stopped with the plot spoilers
For the first half of the story,
I’ll have to be purposely vague right now,
So I won’t ruin the story.

The story began with a young homeless man
Whose dialogue consisted of silence.
Now everything is upside-down,
With betrayal, theft and violence.

New characters are introduced
And they seem rather odd at first,
But as we get to know them more,
And the situations get worse,

We marvel at how they interact.
Far from being sheeple,
They’re eccentric individuals,
And seem more like real people

Than the characters we normally
See on television,
Most of whom are very alike,
And share the same general vision.

There were three main characters
In the previous film we’ve seen:
Harvey, Jon and his girlfriend,
Kristen StephensonPino on the screen.

This film has some extra characters,
But just one big new presence.
The fourth of the main stars of this film,
The theatre resonates with his essence.

His name is Rick, a tall, muscular guy
In an all-white cowboy hat.
As to his role in this particular film,
I think I’ll just leave it like that.

A journey is taken.
People travel quite a ways.
Trouble seems to follow them
Even if they’re gone for days.

The plot eventually ties together
In one satisfying package.
Many of the mysteries are brought to an end,
So it concludes without much wreckage.

There are still some questions that don’t get solved
And leave us all in wonder.
That’s part of the beauty of this film.
Some mysteries remain down under.

The cinematography stands out.
It really, really shines.
We’re treated to beautiful landscapes and interesting angles,
So we can see something new each time.

Because this film leaves us
Feeling more satisfied
Than the previous film, which seemed to
Be missing its insides,

I’m rating this half of the film a five.
It more than did its part
To keep us engrossed and entertained.
It’s a captivating work of art.

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