Bird On A Wire

Bird On A Wire


Directed by John Badham

Starring Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, David Carradine, Bill Duke

Rating: ******

Goldie Hawn is driving
And stops her car for some gas.
She recognizes the man working there
As a ghost from her far-off past.

The man pretends he doesn’t know her,
But she returns later on,
Just in time to see
An attempted assassination.

Mel and Goldie are on the run.

The man was her former lover,
Now in Witness Protection.
He tries to keep her out of this,
But now he does the protecting.

David Carradine and Bill Duke
Decide to chase them throughout the picture.
They’re evil, violent drug dealers
Who want to remove him from the picture.

Now on the run, Goldie Hawn and the man,
Played by charismatic Mel Gibson,
Must use their wits to stay ahead
Of their enemies and continue to miss ’em.

Mel returns to his former lives
And asks the people there for some help.
The villains follow them every time,
For they had some inside help.

A man who works for the FBI
Gave his records to the dealers.
They know everywhere that he has been,
And in these places they’ve employed some feelers,

David Carradine and Bill Duke as the evil Sorenson and Diggs.

So whenever he’s spotted, the feelers inform
The bad guys, who have a team ready.
They’re well-armed with weapons lethal enough
To turn the two into confetti.

This is a good little comedy, a good little romance.
It’s a movie I recommend seeing.
That’s why I’ll give it a five out of six,
Glad that it has come into being.

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