Black Panther

Black Panther


Directed by Ryan Coogler

Starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o

Rating: ******

The good citizens of Wakanda.

This is a different type of Marvel film,
With characters we don’t really know.
Like Guardians, this was a riskier venture,
But the risk really paid off for this show.

They introduce us to a whole new world,
One quite more fantastical than
All the planets in Outer Space
We’ve seen in the MCU before then.

This alien place is Wakanda,
A fictional African nation.
While only pretending to be super poor,
They’re Africa’s richest nation.

Their country looks very typical
Of their neighbours who surround them.
They have Savannah animals and little mud huts,
So that no one has a reason to visit them,

But this is all a grand illusion.
There are no prairies or huts.
They’re a digital projection
That hides what they daren’t strut.

Hidden underneath this façade,
Is an advanced society
That compared to the rest of the world,
Uses superior technology.

It is never quite explained
Why so many are at genius level,
But this might be connected to
A secret at the underground level.

Long ago, in ancient times,
A meteorite landed.
Five very primitive African tribes
Now had something from another planet.

Michael B. Jordan after his feathers were plucked.

A very rare metal was inside
But it was way too hard to mine,
But they somehow figured out how to mine it
Up to the present time.

The ore is called Vibranium,
A nearly indestructible metal
That they use for armour and spear tips,
Or an advanced vehicular pedal.

Their leader is T’Challa,
A great Wakandan prince.
His birthright is contested,
So he’s forced to fight and sprint.

T’Challa has a secret.
He will sometimes fight some crime
In a superhero costume
That looks a tad feline.

He’s the Black Panther, folks,
The hero of all Wakanda.
He will also fight international crime.
It’s a pastime that he’s fond of.

We first met him in Civil War,
And we see him yet again.
He’s certainly a man of influence.
He’s the leader of a great many men.

This movie won Best Picture,
An anomaly for films of this type,
But if you’re expecting The Bridge on the River Kwai,
You might experience a fright.

Wakandan women are going for the Patrick Stewart look.

It’s no Shawshank Redemption,
But it’s good for what it is.
There’s little humour in this film.
It’s much more serious.

It has earned at least a five,
And I’ll give it point two more
For introducing us to this unique, new world,
And for intriguing us all the more.

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