Blackkklansman Review Pt. 3

“My fellow Klansmen…”
Felix loves being evil.

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Just as we think that this movie will end,
The film keeps meandering on.
We’re swiftly transported to present day
And see an event going on.

“This’ll be our dream come true.”

We see news footage of Charlottesville,
While wondering “What on Earth?”
The event has almost nothing to do
With the ballad of Mr. Stallworth.

That’s the kicker, though. This movie was never
About Mr. Stallworth himself.
The director, Spike Lee, made a whole other movie
That Ron’s plot is just based around.

Ron is assigned to protect Mr. Duke.

The small story of Ron Stallworth
Is the container for this feature,
Which is really just about racism
In America. Lee’s the teacher.

The whole movie is stuffed with
Little historical facts,
Showing that racism has been, and still is
A detriment to all blacks.

Ron stands guard with Ivanhoe and Felix.

In fact, I don’t think Mr. Lee
Thinks enough of Ron’s story.
I’m sure that’s why he blemishes it
With an alternative history.

In real life, there was no bomb,
No Felix, no explosion,
No Ivanhoe, no romance,
No polygraph or window implosion.

“Flip is a Jew?”

Ron didn’t get beaten for attempted rape,
Or face off with a racist cop.
He didn’t witness a Klan meeting
Or stop his girlfriend from blowing up.

And yet, the story of Ron Stallworth
Is more interesting than this story pretends.
He infiltrated many organizations,
Each with different means and ends.

The C4 can’t fit in the mailbox.

He had an interesting career,
From the early times to the late,
And took on many more cases
Than those just focused on hate.

Yet, if not for this movie,
Few would have heard of this man:
Ronald Stallworth and his quest
To join the Ku Klux Klan.

This film’s a little heavy-handed,
And obvious rather than subtle.
I’m rating this only a three out of six.
It’s the length of several games of Cuttle.

“I’m black, Mr. Duke. Ha ha!”

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