Blackkklansman Review Pt. 1

Meet Ron Stallworth. He looks a lot like Denzel’s son.



Directed by Spike Lee

Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver

Rating: ******


A dark image for a dark theme.

This film is a period piece
Directed by Spike Lee.
He uses budding actors
And they perform admirably.

The basis for the story
Comes from the files of the police.
A detective named Ron Stallworth
Stole them in the 70’s.

Ron applying for work.

They were files he had worked on
Back when he was on the force.
Recently he wrote a book
Based on his reports.

Spike Lee took that book
And used it to make his drama,
But in retelling this story,
He left out the occasional comma.

“Are you an addict or a party animal?”

The film begins with a young black man
Applying for a job,
A Help Wanted poster lures him in
And he is interviewed for the job.

A cop and a politician
Start asking him some things,
Like whether he’s an addict,
Or a drunkard, or a party king.

Ron meets a racist cop. Note his colour.

He says no and gets the job.
It wasn’t all that hard, you see.
He’s told he might see prejudice
Working with the Colorado Springs police.

He was the first black officer
To work in that small town.
He’s first sent to the Records Room,
Where he meets a racist clown.

Ron’s imaginary girlfriend.

Like most of the racists in this film,
He’s quite antagonistic.
He makes all the other coppers there
Seem selflessly altruistic.

A few days in, and Mr. Stallworth
Gets his first undercover assignment.
A black activist is coming to town
And might cause a realignment.

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne…”

He’s wired up, and given bugs
For electronic surveillance.
Every word from the speaker’s mouth
Is recorded through this conveyance.

Just before the meeting starts,
He encounters a fictional woman.
She becomes a main character in this film,
Because the story “needs” a woman.

“Arm yourselves, brothers! The Race War will soon be upon us!”

He finds a seat and watches
As the speaker comes on stage,
Telling them all to prepare for war
If they want to reach old age.

The meeting done, Ron finds the woman
To get to know her better.
They begin to date from here on out
To discuss black politics better.

“Race war?”

His undercover feat was so impressive,
He’s rewarded for his experience
And given a promotion
To the Department of Intelligence.

Thus, on Day One, instead of work,
He sits back and reads the paper.
He discovers an intriguing Classified Ad
And reaches past his stapler

Ron hard at work after his promotion.

For the telephone and begins to call
The local Ku Klux Klan.
He gives them a number to call him back,
And picks up the paper again.

In a second or two, his telephone rings,
And he picks it up to hear
A recruiter for the Klansmen,
Asking if Ron Stallworth’s here.

“Hi, Ku Klux Klan. I hate blacks. Can I join?”

Indeed he is. Ron starts to chat
And says he hates all blacks.
The recruiter invites him to meet with him,
To hear more such impressive facts.

Ron asks Adam Driver, without his mask,
To play him undercover.
Adam plays a Jewish guy named Flip,
Who is distanced by his Hebrew brothers.

“You might be asked to drop your pants and submit to a lie detector test, but otherwise, sure.”

Flip says fine, and meets the Klan
After getting wired up.
He meets a reasonable racist, a malevolent racist
And a fool who won’t shut up.

The malevolent racist is full of hate,
And distrusts Flip Zimmerman.
He suspects he might be Jewish,
And thus, not his fellow man.

Adam Driver as Flip Zimmerman.

The fool is a man so stupid
That he might forget to breathe.
It seems the Klansmen have an evil plot
And he immediately spills the beans.

This racist says those coloured folk
Are going to go Kaboom.
I think we’ve seen him somewhere else,
Like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Flip takes a ride with Felix.

He’s fat and slow, and loud and dumb,
With an imbecilic grin.
He goes by the name of Ivanhoe,
And has a big, scruffy beard on his chin.

The malevolent racist is Felix.
We’ll see more of him in a bit,
When Flip comes back and visits them,
Meeting at his house this trip.

They meet in a bar.

If you liked this Movie Review,
Join me next week for Part 2.

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