Brewster’s Millions

Richard Pryor, baseball player.


Directed by Walter Hill
Starring Richard Pryor, John Candy, Lonette McKee, Jerry Orbach

Rating: ******

The immortal John Candy as Pryor’s friend.

This movie is based
On a novel of old,
And has been filmed
Many times, so I’m told.

Richard Pryor and Candy
Are two baseball players
Living in a town
In the middle of nowheres.

Pryor is summoned
To the Big Apple
He brings Candy with him.
Now they’re part of the rabble.

Richard Pryor’s long, lost relative.

Prior, in secret,
Is shown a tape.
A wealthy tycoon
With an old withered nape

Tells him that day
They’re related by blood.
He will give him a fortune
If he does what he should.

Brewster gets an office.

To get the money
He’ll be forced to spend
Thirty million dollars
By that month’s end.

If he succeeds,
He’ll get the dough
With the condition that
He can’t tell a soul.

If he fails
He’ll get not a cent,
Not even enough
To pay for his rent.

Pryor just before he starts spending.

He cannot buy assets
And must get value for labor.
He can’t destroy assets
And pay for them later.

He must be dead broke
Within thirty days.
If so,
Three hundred million he’ll be paid.

He’s given a pretty
Young paralegal
To note his expenditures
On paper legal.

His paralegal.

Pryor only says that
He has inherited
Thirty million dollars.
Now he must get rid

Of all of that money
Without telling his friend.
Is it possible that
He’ll succeed in the end?

His strategies
Are the most interesting part.
The comedy
Is the weakest part.

Jerry Orbach is the coach.

This film is slightly
Amusing at best.
It’s more of a drama
Then a laugh-fest.

It’s a shame since it stars
The great John Candy
And the hilarious Richard Pryor.
Together they’re dandy.

They have good chemistry
While on screen,
And the laughter should have been
Bursting at the seams.

They get to play the New York Yankees.

It’s still a good movie,
But not the one we’d expect
From two comedy greats
Holding immeasurable respect.

I’m giving this film
Four out of six,
For this movie has more
Then a bag full of tricks.

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