Captain America: Civil War

The Winter Solder has finally been captured.

Captian America: Civil War


Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo

Starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner

Rating: ******

Cap believes in Bucky.

This is the best Captain America movie of all,
And depicts the Avengers in a mighty fall.
No main villain this time, though they do exist.
Now they’re fighting each other, using every trick.

Bucky’s been captured by the good guys at last,
And his interrogator gets a visitor’s pass
And stars using code words over and over
To fully awaken The Winter Soldier.

Then Bucky goes nuts and starts killing again,
Men and women, but mostly men.
He fights his way out of his prison cell,
And then he wreaks havoc on the city as well.

Some of the heroes think Bucky is bad
And they want to kill him a tad,
But the Captain knows that his soul is pure
And is very adverse to a fatal cure.

Giant Man shows us that size does matter.

Things get a bit more complicated
When a head of state is decapitated.
The Wakandan Embassy is attacked
And the venerable Wakanadan leader gets whacked.

His son, a prince, morose and astute,
Goes and puts on his panther suit
And becomes the Black Panther, ready to find
The Winter Soldier and kick his behind.

Cap sides with Bucky. They’re on one side,
And Iron Man’s on the other side.
Cap’s team become outlaws, and the government, for sure,
Forces all superheroes to register.

Half the heroes agree, while the other half don’t,
And half register, while the other half won’t.
A whole civil war, fought like a sport,
Takes place in a few minutes in an airport.

For the first time in the MCU,
We see Spider-Man, and the Ant-Man, too,
Fighting alongside some of the Avengers,
And battling other outlaw Avengers.

A depressed Tony Stark.

Did I say Ant-Man? I meant Giant-Man.
He’s what happens when instead of shrinking down again,
Scott turns the dial in reverse
And Spider-Man’s chances look a bit worse.

Yes, Spider-Man gets to fight Giant-Man,
And face-off with the Captain again.
He’s a young protégé of Tony Stark,
And he helps him hit one out of the park.

Black Panther, meanwhile, is on neither team,
And investigates things independently.
We don’t yet know enough about who this guy is,
But begin to realize he’s a remarkable prince.

Full of excitement, and also an inkling
Of the grey mater questions that get us all thinking,
I’m giving this movie a five-point-six.
For it’s a film that I’d personally pick.

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