Rating: ******

Directed by Prachya Pinkaew
Starring Jeeja Yanin

The beginning bit is simple:
A man and woman from rival gangs
Fall in love and have a baby
And go their separate ways with pangs.

The mother gangster’s now retired
And takes time to raise her kid,
Who it turns out is autistic
With special gifts that she keeps hid.

The girl lives near a school,
The Muay Thai School of Hard Knocks.
She watches the students and copies them,
Learning to fight without using rocks.

She’s also very fortunate
To have a TV set
On which she watches Jackie Chan,
Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa and Jet.

Her cousin also cares for her.
He teachers her to perform there,
And use her martial artist skills
To snatch coins from the air.

One day her Mom gets very sick
And needs expensive help.
Her cousin finds a hidden book
And gives an excited yelp.

“It seems that there are people,
Quite a few of them, it’s true,
Who owe your mother money.
We’ll collect it-—just us two!”

The first man they attempt
To get the money from
Is not very cooperative
And hassles the young people some.

Later that night the autistic girl
Returns to that man’s business.
She quickly clobbers all his men
Before giving him the business.

In a similar way the duo go
Collecting their rewards.
Many men get beaten up,
Even though they come in hordes.

Eventually they both end up
Angering an important boss.
He sends an army after them,
Unsympathetic to their cause.

Naturally she has no choice
But to kick and punch and kick
And occasionally do somersaults,
And some fantastic flips.

These acrobatics don’t impede
Her damage-dealing quotient.
Contrarily they supercede
More repetitious movements.

The girl’s toughest fight by far
Is with a man who’s very prone
To spasmodic jerks and starts,
For he has Tourette’s Syndrome.

He knocks her down but she gets up,
Only to fall again.
She has to quickly figure out
A most effective plan.

Like with the students at the school,
She copies all his moves,
Till she is his superior,
And beats him with those moves.

After him the evil boss
Sends every man in Thailand
To rise against her-—hang the cost!
So she becomes an island.

If people punch an island
That island doesn’t feel it.
If an island punches people,
They rattle like a tool kit.

Both her parents come on by
To see their kid in action.
They get a little hurt themselves
In all of the commotion.

But the girl doesn’t notice this.
Her fists are flying fast.
She should really get a medal
For coming in first—not last.

In the end the day is saved,
Thanks to Jeeja Yanin.
She’s the great actress who played
This terrific human canon.

What shall I rate this movie
That’s hardly run-of-the-mill?
I’ll give it five stars out of six
Because it’s packed with non-stop thrills.

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