Cinematics and Animations in Unity

This is Part 9 of my eleven-part review of the course Devslopes 3D Game Development Academy.

Cinematics and Animations in Unity

Course Company: Devslopes
Instructor: Mark Price

Rating: ******

This is an important section,
That itself could be a course.
We only get four little parts,
Which get better instead of worse.

We animate the camera along a path.

Mark Price is our teacher,
And we import the Zombie map,
And we animate the camera
So it moves throughout the map.

We save each animation
In its own separate scene
And if we want to see them,
We must load them on our screen.

The camera moves around our character.

He shows us the SceneManager,
And shows us how it loads.
We see how easy it is to open a scene
Using UI, a mouse, and code.

A good way to view a cutscene
Is as a video
And if someone activates the Play button,
The short film clip will show.

Now it’s in front of our character.

Each scene can be tailored
To whatever you might like.
You can add audio animations,
Or vibrations, if you’d like.

You can even ask for input
From the Player, if it’s in you.
At the end of a line of dialogue,
You can ask if he wants to continue.

We learn how to animate the camera.

There’s no one way to make your scene.
If you know how you want it to look,
You can take the time and tailor it,
And be the author of your book.

While I enjoyed Mark’s instruction,
I had been expecting more.
This large topic’s like a footnote.
It should be an orchestral score.

We move it along our path.

He tells us we can do whatever we want,
The truest words of wisdom.
His brevity forces us to look elsewhere
For the tools and techniques for our kingdom.

It was short and sweet, but felt incomplete.
Perhaps they’ll revisit it later.
I’m giving it only a three out of six,
For I think that it should have been greater.


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