City Hunter

City Hunter


Directed by Jing Wong

Starring Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Joey Wang

Rating: ******

Jackie Chan as City Hunter, dreaming sweet dreams.

An oddity from Jackie Chan,
This is an anime adaptation.
He plays a man named City Hunter,
A man whose mind is always sundered.

You see, he always has girls on his mind.
He’ll fancy one or more combined,
Never really focusing
On one particular female being.

He’s a private investigator
Hired to find a rich man’s daughter.
He follows her onto a cruise ship,
But gets more than bargained for on this trip.

Some bad guys decide to take it over
And hijack the costly ocean liner,
Pointing their rifles at millionaires,
And killing a few with hardly a care.

A few special people on the boat
Are there to give the people hope.
They have super-secret combat skills
And when the baddies get too close, they kill.

Jackie soon makes friends with them,
While often on the receiving end.
He has his hands full with these guys
And tries his best to save more lives.

Jackie leaps over a table.

The Big Boss, with death he’s courtin’,
Is played by none other than Richard Norton.
He just a fight with Jackie Chan
After he dispatched his men.

Earlier on, in the arcade,
There’s a fight with a henchman on the stage.
Jackie gets zapped into a video game
And they become characters from that game.

The game is Street Fighter. Player One
Has many characters to choose from.
Jackie Chan plays different guys,
While the henchman has but one disguise.

Some special effects and wire work
Went together to make the scene work.
We get to see some cool effects
That our present reality sadly lacks.

This differs from Jackie’s other films.
For one thing, he shot a lot of film
Of him shooting people left and right,
In addition to seeing him fight.

Richard Norton as the bad guy.

It’s filled with lots of risqué gags
Like a woman whose large chest causes her to sag
Till she hits the floor with a large frown
Because her giant boobs had been weighing her down.

It’s a silly slapstick comedy,
But it’s not for everybody.
I give it a strong four out of six.
It’s a rather entertaining mix.

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