City Lights

City Lights


Directed by Charlie Chaplin

Starring Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee, Harry Myers

Rating: ******

Charlie Chaplin plays a tramp,
A homeless man without a job
Who does a lot of traveling,
Sometimes in search of a job,

And sometimes to leave a place behind,
For reasons of his own.
Sometimes he just can’t bear to remain
In a place that he briefly called home.

Chaplin meets a drunken millionaire.

There are times when he has no choice,
Like when he’s nabbed by the police.
Sometimes he is in prison for years,
Before he can renew his lease.

In City Lights, he blows into town
And encounters a very rich man.
A pleasant drunk, he acts like his best friend,
But the next day he’s a far different man.

When he’s sober, he loses his memory
Of all that he said, did and learned.
While drunk, but with future drinking
His previous memory returns,

And he would remember the little tramp,
And treat him to food and to booze,
Though the next day he might be chasing the tramp,
When he suddenly feels used.

Chaplin and the blind girl.

Charlie meets a maiden fair,
Unable to see with her eyes.
She feels around and sells flowers,
For that’s where her income’s derived.

The poor sap falls in love with her
And gets to know her better.
He gets a job to help her out
And tries to make things better.

The story is a good one,
And it pulls the viewer along.
The direction is great, the editing tight,
And the performances are strong.

I’m giving this movie a six out of six
It’s ideal for families and grandma.
Though it can certainly be classed as a comedy,
It still holds its own as a drama.

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