Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory


Directed by Richard Donner

Starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart

Rating: ******

Mel Gibson as Jerry.

Jerry is a cab driver.
He tends to talk a lot.
He blabs to all his customers,
Whether they’re listening or not.

His head is filled with theories,
Many of which he thought up.
He’s obsessed with conspiracies,
And no one can shut him up.

He’s a paranoid individual.
His nerves jump as if touched by ice.
He has locks in his refrigerator,
And never goes home the same way twice.

Julia Roberts as Alice.

He has fallen in love with a career woman,
With hair as bright as fire.
After work he does his research
And edits a conspiracy flyer.

One fateful night the men in black
Abduct the taxi man.
They conk him on the head and then
They transport him in a van.

They bring him to a room
And they tape his eyes wide open.
Ten they hit him with a strobe light.
His high panic remains unbroken.

“What do you know, Jerry?” his interrogator asks,
But Jerry’s mind is a blur.
He must have been right about something
But what that thing is he’s not sure.

After more torture, he finally snaps,
Escapes and goes on the run,
But he knows that he can’t shake them forever,
Not when they know what he’s done.

Sir Patrick Stewart as the villain.

Mel Gibson plays Jerry as well as he can,
And makes the character unsettlingly real.
Julia Roberts plays his love interest,
Who’s in danger head over heels.

Sir Patrick Stewart plays the villain,
A doctor with the CIA.
He’s menacing in his intentions,
But appears normal throughout the day.

This thriller has an excellent story,
And performances worth going to see.
This movie will certainly be getting
A five out of six from me.

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