Cool World

Cool World


Directed by Ralph Bakshi

Starring Brad Pitt, Kim Bassinger, Gabriel Byrne, Janni Brenn

Rating: ******

Brad Pitt, just after WWII.

A live-action Brad Pitt,
Back from WWII,
Gets absorbed into a world
Filled with cartoons.

These cartoon creatures
Breathe, sleep and eat,
But they’re not mammalian,
Though some might have pig feat.

No, these creatures were drawn
From somebody’s pen,
And somehow gathered
In this alt. dimension.

Fifty years later,
Pitt’s still alive,
And has not aged
In all this time.

He’s now a cop
Who upholds the Law,
And reinforces
Cartoon Laws.

The one that seems
To matter most of all
Are cartoon relations
That become sexual

With physical people,
Real, like Brad.
If sex were to happen,
Things would end real bad.

Well, there’s this one guy
Who lives in a cell.
He’s a cartoonist
Who can draw really well.

His favourite creation,
A sexy blonde gal,
Is also his personal
Secret dream gal.

Played by Kim Basinger,
As only she could,
Her name is simply
Holli Would.

Brad interrogates Holli Would.

He doesn’t yet know
That Holli’s alive,
And as real to us
As apple pie.

When he drew her on paper,
She came to be,
And she became
His destiny.

She made it her mission
To become real—
Real flesh, real bones,
And a warm, rosy appeal.

To meet her goal
She’ll have to break
The biggest rule
In that place.

She tries her focus on Brad,
But he won’t bite,
For he has a meeting
With a girl tonight.

She’s a cartoon,
So they can’t make love,
Though they both want to.

Brad refuses
To break that law,
For all life as he knows it
Would burn like straw,

Putting an end
To the whole universe,
So he can’t sleep with his girl.
Things could be worse.

Things do get worse
When that guy from jail
Is delivered to Cool World
Like a piece of mail.

He’s in a strange place
Not constructed of wood
And comes face to face
With Holli Would.

A now living Holly and her creator.

Then exciting things
Do happen,
But more spoilers aren’t
Going to happen.

The story’s good
And rather well told.
It gets a 2.4

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