Crime Story

Crime Story


Directed by Kirk Wong and Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Kent Cheng, Kar-Ying Law

Rating: ******

Jackie kills some villains.

Rare for a Jackie Chan film,
The story is based on fact.
A local Hong Kong businessman
Went out and got kidnapped.

The kidnappers wanted ransom,
And his family gave it to them,
But alas the unfortunate businessman
Was never seen again.

The story in this movie
Has a far happier end.
The businessman, rescued, fakes his death
So he can’t get kidnapped again.

Jackie begins to distrust a fellow officer.

Jackie Chan plays a detective
Who tries to solve the case.
He plays the character seriously.
With a stern and cautious face.

This is a crime drama,
With an absence of comedy.
Each scene is played not for laughs,
But to be taken seriously.

Kent Cheng plays another detective,
One slimy and corrupt.
He masterminds this ransom plan.
He thought every detail up.

One thing he didn’t count on
Was a certain monkey wrench
In the form of Jackie Chan,
Who slowly begin to suspect.

Kent Cheng plays the villain.

There are some good fight scenes in this film,
And a few great action scenes.
There’s a large building fire near the end
That I’m very glad to have seen.

Though not one of his more popular films,
This one is certainly worth a watch.
It’s a good story, deftly told,
And gets a five for doing this much.

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