Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


Directed by Matt Reeves

Starring Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis

Rating: ******

Caesar now rules the roost.

In the last film the apes earned their freedom
After clashing briefly with Man.
In this film a virus has happened,
Making apes smart and killing off Man.

It’s probably the same cure for Alzheimer’s
That Caesar’s master had made.
Now there’s no master for Caesar,
And he lives in the woods with the apes.

The apes are living in peace for once,
Just relaxing with their own kinds.
The nearby humans need something from Caesar,
And travel with weapons and caution combined.

This movie examines relationships–
One Caesar has with the apes,
One he has with the humans,
And one with the evil ape.

Remember the evil Ape from the first film?
He was the one who covered in scars.
On his face with a constant malevolent frown,
And he looked sinister from that point forwards.

His life had been an ongoing trial
Of torment and torture and pain.
The humans used him like a lab rat,
Experimenting again and again,

And he became angry, and he became evil,
His hardened heart boiling with hate.
Then he got smarter and started to plan
His revenge, on the humans, by ape.

“Have you no humanity…what kind of men…aw, never mind.”

But alas, Caesar stood in his way,
Caesar who just wanted peace.
He would have to take care of Caesar,
Or he’d never get his peace.

Caesar had made a rule:
“Ape shall not kill ape.”
He’d have to break this rule.
So he selected the ideal ape.

This is a different kind of story from the first film.
For one thing, most apes don’t speak.
They communicate with each other through sign language,
And aside from the old grunt, not a peep.

The only time you’ll hear an apes talk
Is when the humans are near.
Other than that, a lot of pointing is seen,
And apes talk is all you will hear.

The evil ape starts causing problems.

So for long stretches of movie that’s what you’ll get,
And in others, people talking to people.
Things start to get interesting with both species interact.
Then they sound clear and not feeble.

Though not as good as Rise,
The sequel still stands strong.
I give it a five out of six,
As I say to you, so long!

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