Death Wish 3

Death Wish 3

Directed by Michael Winner
Starring Charles Bronson

Rating: ******

1985 was a great year for films
Featuring one-man armies slaughtering bad guys
We got Rambo, Commando, and then Death Wish 3
Raining down death from the skies.
This time Paul kersey visits a friend
Who gets beaten to death at the start.
Paul gets imprisoned and roughed up a bit
By the main villain, Fraker, with heart.
Fraker’s the leader of a terrible gang
Who rape, kill and rob called the Creeps.
A policeman tells Kersey to sanction them all
And give credit to the police
So Kersey buys a car to use as bait,
And builds traps for the enemy lot.
He starts off by shooting two Creeps near his car,
Then knocking out teeth, laughter fraught.
He hammers some nails into a board
So a thief’s feet can get impaled.
He then buys a camera so someone can grab it,
And that Creep, with Paul’s Wildey, gets nailed.
Fraker is incensed. He’s losing his men
All to this intelligent old guy.
He orders his men to kill him or else.
They fail, and all of them die.
Paul’s old war buddy from the Korean War,
Who must have loved conscientious objectors,
Brought two huge machine guns form World War II,
Which he hid, very well, in his dressers.
His next door neighbour tried to use one,
But couldn’t get it to shoot.
This was after they blew up his store,
But before they gave him the boot.
Raping and robbing, beating and stealing,
These vandals would soon learn a lesson,
Thinking Kersey was old and well past his prime,
They didn’t know with whom they were messin’.
Fraker calls in more men from separate gangs.
Ready for war, he’s a puncher.
Kersey responds by buying more guns,
More bullets and one rocket launcher.
Now hundreds of Creeps are roaming the streets,
Blowing up buildings and shooting policemen.
Now the cops are involved, trying to stifle the riot,
But only Paul Kersey can silence them.
He mows most of them down with his weapon of war,
Inspiring the neighbourhood to join in the fun.
After several years of living in fear
They’re now on the giving end of the gun.
When he runs out of bullets, he throws his gun down,
And from his clothes he chooses another.
Now he and Fraker get their climactic showdown.
Will Kersey win, or meet his mother?
This movie’s magnificent. This movie’s superb,
So amazing you won’t want to miss it.
It’s the most fun out of all Death Wish films,
So enjoyable you might want to kiss it.
What will I rate it? Five out of six.
It’s that good, if not even better.
It’s violent but fun in it’s R-rated way,
The definition of fun to the letter.

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