Death Wish II

Death Wish II

Directed by Michael Winner
Starring Charles Bronson

Rating: ******

Dark and gritty, sordid and slimy,
This was the man’s darkest hour.
Seedy, unpleasant, diseased and grimy,
This violent movie has power.
Paul Kersey is back, and happier now,
For he has met a nice woman who loves him.
His messed-up daughter is at his home now,
So his feelings are no longer as grim.
But that changes quite quickly when a gang of mean punks
Break into his home and destroy it.
They take turns with his housekeeper, the miserable skunks.
With great violence they choose to employ it.
The rape of the housekeeper is very explicit,
And graphically goes on for a while.
It shocks the senses in no way implicit,
Showing the intruders at their most vile.
When Kersey comes home they knock him right out,
But not before he sees them.
When he wakes up his daughter is out,
For the rapists took her back with them.
After another graphic rape the daughter runs off
And impales herself on a fence.
The hoodlums don’t care. They’d all laugh it off
If they could have seen her pitiful defense.
Kersey is shocked and he’s angry and pissed,
So furious that he lies to the cops.
The faces of the attackers were something he missed.
Then this film pulls out all of its stops.
He rents an apartment in the cheap part of town
And dresses himself all in black.
Then slowly, methodically, he guns them all down
Till what’s left of their faces go slack.
This movie is dark. It’s the darkest Death Wish,
The most horrible out of the five,
But the violence is necessary to show how the fish
In the sewers of New York thrive.
The film has a moral. The film has a point.
If someone hurts you, hurt them back.
A four out of six, I’ll give this film points
For being unflinching and black.

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