Death Wish

Death Wish

Directed by Michael Winner
Starring Charles Bronson

Rating: ******

Listen for a sec.
Paul Kersey is an architect.
His blueprints are always up to spec
And when dining with clients he pays the cheque.
But he’s no prissy little man.
He shows off his muscles as he shows off his tan.
He loudly screams “no” when he’s drafted for Nam,
A CO with no team and no bullets—not ten!
His liberal views make him look like a coward.
But still he unloads them with conviction and power.
Despite the cold stares he may get by the hour.
He’s still happy and chipper and not the least sour.
But his family gets attacked.
His wife and daughter get spotted and tracked.
Their home is invaded. Their belongings get cracked.
The daughter is raped and her mother gets whacked.
Slowly does Kersey change his views.
He changes his demeanour and attitude.
Instead of being pleasant, he’s cold, even rude
To hoodlums and scum, the mean and the lewd.
A client from Texas gives him a gun
And he goes out on the streets to have some fun.
From the dark of night till you first see the sun,
Kersey shoots muggers one by one.
The police try to find him, with little success,
For he craftily hides his gun in his office.
The police don’t let up since he’s driven to excess.
He keeps killing, as his title Vigilante might suggest.
Eventually Kersey gets shot.
Any more and I’ll reveal the entire plot.
Suffice it to say that I’m not.
Should you watch it? Please give it some thought.
The film is a product of its time.
When New York was riddled with violent crime.
Hoodlums would rob you and take your last dime
Then rape you or kill you and leave feeling fine.
At the time this film caused a whirr.
For showing quite clearly how things were.
The audience cheered with fervour
When the muggers got what they deserved.
This was Charles Bronson’s first Death Wish.
Michael Winner directed this.
I’ll give it 4.5 stars out of six.
It’s a film that you won’t want to miss.

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