Demolition Man

Sometimes a cold shower does wonders to cool you down.

This is Part 3 of my ongoing reviews of movies featuring Sylvester Stallone Getting Framed and Sent To Prison.

Demolition Man


Directed by Marco Brambilla
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock

Rating: ******

In this intriguing sci-fi tale,
Stallone is framed and sent to jail.
His evil nemesis one night
Was the one and only Wesley Snipes
Who said Sly killed a lot of folks,
And the authorities believed the dope
–A career criminal who kills and lies
Versus a supercop with perfect thighs.
A decision by the authorities
Put them both into deep freeze
Where they’ll be woken up one day with verve
And told that their time has been served.

Wesley Snipes makes the perfect villain.

Wesley Snipes is woken up first
In a strange future world to be cursed
Well well-mannered pacifists who fine people who swear
And have lived in peace for too many years.
They abhor all violence and stuff on TV.
You’ll find they’ve become very PC.

Well Mr. Snipes finds this funny and begins his day
By murdering people who pass by his way.
His mind has been filled with skills like Kung Fu,
And he got some weapons training, too.
He becomes a bit of a killer demon
And the police are unprepared to deal with him.
A young Sandra Bullock comes up with a plan:
They would unthaw the Demolition Man.
The old Stallone was a violent cop
Who punched and shot and blew stuff up
He’d be the perfect foil for this con from the past.
Surely he’d capture this Simon at last.

So they wake up Stallone and he wants to know
Why he’s developed a powerful urge to sew.
They tell him that when he was on ice
They put useful skills in his brain to be nice.
They tell him they need his fighting skills but
They never tell him how to wipe his butt.
So Stallone and Snipes go head to head.
The hero wins and the other’s soon dead.
The day is saved after delivering some lines.
Sly convinces them that violence is okay sometimes.
This movie gave me my action fix,
So I’m giving this a five out of six.

Sandra Bullock in her best role.

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