Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Diary of a Mad Black Woman


Directed by Darren Grant

Starring Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Tyler Perry

Rating: ******

The mad black woman’s husband tells her that he wants her out of the house.

An angry husband comes home one night
And makes a swift displacement.
He throws his good wife at the door
And installs her replacement.

Shocked and hurt, the woman cries
In a cab in which she was tossed.
The cabbie gives her sympathy
And comforts the soul that was lost.

He sits and listens to her sobs
And when her tears have dried,
He drives or to Madea’s house,
Where she is let inside.

Madea is her grandmother.
She’s as big as a football player.
She’s tall and strong and sensible
And she says what most wouldn’t dare.

Madea, her grandmother.

Madea gives her the time she needs
To start to feel better,
While keeping her other kids in line,
And yet let them remain together.

During this, the poor black woman
Is visited by the young cab driver.
A special friendship starts to form—
Just friends at first—no fire.

Things take a turn when her mean husband
Get into a bad accident.
He’s paralyzed from the neck down,
Unable to apply persperant.

His once loving wife who once cared so much
About this particular man
Begins horribly mistreating him
To get all the revenge she can.

She’s the mad black woman from the title,
And very mad is how she’s feeling.
She continues to punish her paralyzed spouse,
Who had so cruelly stomped on her feelings.

The man can do nothing but take the abuse,
And his wife can do nothing but laugh.
But when Madea tells her she knows what she’s done,
She relents and she gives him a bath.

The woman and her new cabbie friend.

From that point on she cares for this man,
And nurses him right back to health.
He gets so much better that he can walk.
It took care to do that, not wealth.

There’s more to the story but I’ll leave it at that
It has more than deserved 4.5 stars,
But we need more Madea, and Madea we’ll get.
In succeeding films, she stars.

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