Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade


Directed by Daniel Lee

Starring Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody

Rating: ******

Jackie Chan on the Silk Road.

In Dragon Blade,
For the first time
We see Jackie Chan
In Roman times.

He plays a soldier
Guarding Silk Road,
An important ancient
Trading road.

It allowed the Romans
To trade with ease
With India, Arabia,
And the Chinese.

Along the road,
As big as a mall,
The Chinese are building
A fortified wall.

They’re using huge bricks
Carved out of rock
And have a time limit,
But also bad luck.

If they do not finish
The wall in that place,
The commander will surely
Be losing face.

John Cusak as a Roman commander.

A Roman army
Happens along
In the time of their need.

The Romans are starving,
And need some food,
And offer to help
With their building, too.

Their most admired
Use smaller rocks
And cement paste here.

They complete the wall
Just in time
For Adrien Brody
To arrive.

He’s a high ranking
Roman commander
Who wants to attack
The Chinese commander.

A battle ensues,
But that’s just the start
Of a longer campaign
In this story’s arc.

We get to see fights,
Well executed,
With shields and swords
And spears, unrefuted.

Adrien Brody as a higher-level Roman commander.

Well choreographed,
They’re a sight to be seen,
And are quite the spectacle
On the screen.

I’m giving this film
A four and a half.
It’s an average movie
That will help the time pass.

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