Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord


Directed by Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Mars, Michael Wai-Man Chan, Shirley Yim

Rating: ******

Jackie and his buddy Mars.

This is not one of the more popular films
Made by Jackie Chan.
It gets overshadowed by his better works,
Which to see them you’d understand.

This isn’t a fighting movie,
Though it has a great fight at the end.
Rather, it’s a comedy
And the focus is on sports instead.

Yes, sports. It’s something he should excel at,
Athlete that he is,
Which makes it rather strange
That we rarely see any sports moves of his,

But as he’s a phenomenal athlete,
So is he phenomenal at sports.
We see him working in a team to win,
With people of all sorts.

I believe this movie takes place
In the early 20th Century.
Jackie’s father is a master at a
Martial Arts academy.

But rather than study hard
Practicing his martial arts,
Or reading and writing like he knows he should,
He wastes time at the shopping mart.

He fools around with his buddy,
His best friend by the name of Mars.
They’re often up to mischief
In this small world of ours.

They also play two different sports.
The movie opens up with one.
It looks a lot like rugby
But it doesn’t look like fun.

It looks brutal, raw and violent.
Before they even play,
They have to decide who gets the ball
And kick it first that day.

Jackie relaxes in the middle of a fight.

So they put the ball atop a pyramid,
And everyone on both teams
Tries to fight and claw their way to the top
To grab that hard-to-reach ball for their team.

Naturally people start falling off,
In particular Jackie Chan.
He falls for a very long time
And hits the ground hard like a man.

This stunt looks very dangerous
And it also looks accidental,
As if as if he accidentally started falling.
His fall is monumental.

Jackie’s is the winning team.
They get to pass it first.
Then both teams start to tackle,
Roll, and flip into the dirt.

Later in the film we see
A strange game called Jianza.
Also known as shuttlecock,
It’s very unlike Jenga.

Two teams play a game of soccer
But they use a shuttlecock renowned.
It’s a weighted ball with feathers
And it never hit the ground.

The players have to keep it
Up in the air
As they pass it, and they steal it
And aim for the goal over there.

Thousands of takes were made for this scene.
The sport doesn’t look easy at all.
Perfectionist that Jackie is,
He gives the audience is all.

There’s only one real fight in this movie
But it’s one worth waiting for.
It looks dangerous and brutal
Once you see what’s in store.

Jackie fights a man
On the second storey rail
And tries to make him fall
By hanging off his tail.

It’s not one of his best,
But I’ll recommend it once.
You’ll get to see remarkable
And very spectacular stunts.

That fight alone you won’t forget.
The story’s another matter.
It’s a cute little comedy/romance,
But it’s a few rungs down the ladder

Jackie and Mars, up to some mischief.

Of plots like Police Story or Project A
Adventures you’ll never forget.
Dragon Lord just can’t compare
To these fast-paced action fests.

I’m giving it at four.
If you decide to watch it one day,
Lower your expectations
But prepare to be blown away.

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