Dragons Forever

Dragons Forever


Directed by Sammo Hung and Corey Yuen

Starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Pauline Yeung, Deannie Ip, Wah Yuen

Rating: ******

Sammo Hung during one of his shady business deals.

I took my time in reviewing this. It’s my favourite movie with Jackie Chan. His two fellow brothers are also in this, And they perfectly complement this man.

Sammo Hung plays a crook
Selling ersatz guns to robbers.
They try to steal his phony guns,
And so they all get clobbered.

Yuen Biao plays a lunatic,
Paranoid and trusting no one,
With one exception: Jackie Chan,
His friend. His only one.

Jackie plays a lawyer
Working for an evil man,
But he’s oblivious to this fact
And helps him all he can.

Yuen Biao plays a lunatic.

Two young women play a role.
One is suing his client.
The other is the lawyer working for her,
And both are pretty defiant.

The plaintiff lives next to Sammo Hung,
And has a face with which he’s smitten.
When Jackie asks Yuen Biao to bug her house,
Sammo ends up stopping him.

These two great fighters go toe-to-toe,
And Sammo is outclassed.
He only wins by default
After his opponent is hit with glass.

Two romances start building up.
And Jackie learns what’s right,
And we are never far from seeing
Another cool fight.

All three brothers are in top form.
All three of their best.
Their acrobatics, comedy,
And Kung Fu get no rest.

The Three Brothers are about to square off.

This movie is hilarious,
A movie done quite well.
The action is spectacular,
The choreography swell.

Is the best Jackie Chan I’ve ever seen,
And that’s saying a lot.
I’m giving it a six out of six.
For me it takes the top spot.

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