Drunken Master II

Drunken Master II


Directed by Chia-Liang Liu and Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Ho-Sung Pak, Lung Ti, Anita Mui, Ken Lo

Rating: ******

Jackie’s about to have a fight beneath a train.

When Jackie Chan steps up to bat
He might have a little fun.
He’ll experiment with how to hit the ball,
Not trying to hit a Homerun,

But when he hits one, World, look out!
For it sails beyond the park.
Some of these balls are in orbit now,
Having overshot their mark.

In 1978 he made a film
That still is being felt.
It made a giant impact
From the cards that it had dealt.

The film was Drunken Master
And if you think its age makes it matter less,
It’s still one of his greatest films.
It still can pass the test.

It’s a film so good it’s still being
Enjoyed in Present Day.
It’s a film that took lesser Kung Fu films
And blew them all the way.

It made him a superstar,
Folks would recognize him
Hailing from every country.

It was just a matter of time
Before he considered a sequel.
It took him sixteen years.
Could he make one that was its equal?

This wasn’t just any of his films
That he wanted to revisit.
It was an entertaining masterpiece,
A blockbuster in the eight digits.

Jackie uses his drunken boxing to defeat his opponents and amaze his spectators.

To really do it justice
He had to pull out all the stops.
The stunts would have to inspire awe.
The action would have to be non-stop.

Thus, Drunken Master II was made
In 1994,
A great, ambitious product
That left us breathless, wanting more.

Jackie, now in his 40s,
Plays a young, athletic man.
A master of drunken boxing,
He moves like an imbalanced man.

He looks like he’s ready to fall down,
And yet manages to deliver a kick.
Then he really does fall down,
And yet manages to flip.

This film is indescribable.
Even seeing it is hard to believe.
Chan has the same bones as we do,
But physics seem to take their leave.

His fight choreography, always top notch
In this film might be a notch higher.
It takes priority over his stunt work,
Which takes a backseat to his fighting fire.

That’s not to stay the stunts are lacking,
Only that they’re a little more toned down
Than the adrenaline-filled set pieces
For which he is renowned.

It helps, because the story
Takes place in the past.
There were no helicopters
Or motorboats to whip past.

The deleted ending scene: Jackie become blind and retarded.

It was the first pure martial arts film
He had made since ’82.
Mr. Chan had forgotten nothing old,
And amazes us with plenty new.

It gets a six out of six from me.
Is a perfect score I’m sending,
And don’t forget to try and see
The often-censored ending.

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