Escape From The Planet Of The Apes

Escape From the Planet of the Apes


Directed by Don Taylor

Starring Roddy McDowell, Kim Hunter, Brandford Dillman, Ricardo Montalban

Rating: ******

This movie marked the first time
That we could see
The world of the late 20th

The astronaut apes are imprisoned.

The first two Apes films
Were set in the future,
And showed an ape-filled world
In a dystopian future,

But this time around,
The first thing we see
Are human soldiers
From the U.S. Military.

They advance upon
A downed spaceship
Floating in the ocean
And drifting a bit.

Some heavy brass
And the Marines onsite
Salute the people
Who made this flight,

But their jaws drop down
When the spacemen get beached,
Take off their helmets,
And show what’s underneath.

Zira and Cornelius have a talk.

These were not men.
What made them freeze
Was the fact that the travelers
Were chimpanzees!

They soon find out
That these apes can speak.
They speak perfect English,
A miraculous feat

For the average ape,
But these apes greatly differ
From all Earth-bound apes,
From their toes to their sniffers.

For one thing,
They’re all the size of a man,
As if a man was inside them,
Speaking for them.

The apes became celebrities
And learn our ways,
And go out on adventures
Every day,

Till they blurt out how different
The future becomes,
And how the apes take over,
So that man’s on the run,

And how the humans are treated
By these ape scientists,
Who dissect them and kill them
In their many tests.

Thus, the humans decide
That apes won’t be their equals,
And they chase them and set up
The stage for the sequel.

This is my least favourite film
From this franchise of Apes.
There’s too little action,
And too few apes.

But it plays a big role
In the very big story.
It’s a necessity,
To continue the story.

Zira and her baby are in danger.

We know what will happen
In the future of Earth.
This is how we get
To an ape-filled Earth.

This movie is followed
By two more great sequels,
But this gets a four.
It’s far from their equal.

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