Escape Plan: The Extractors

Escape Plan: The Extractors


Directed by John Herzfeld

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, 50 Cent, Jin Zhang, Harry Shum Jr., Devon Sawa

Rating: ******

Ray Breslin is happy and successful.

Escape Plan 3 has more Stallone
Than we received in the second Tomb,
But Dave Bautista had a larger role
In the previous chapters, so

Dave comes and goes in brief short spurts,
And two Chinese guys do all the work.
They’re connected to a Chinese heiress,
Whose world starts spinning like the wheel Ferris.
She gets kidnapped early on,
So the plot has someone to focus on.

…Until he learns that he isn’t going to be incarcerated.

Ray Breslin, played by Sly,
Is given a wife who just might die,
For she gets kidnapped by the evil omen
Who also kidnapped the Chinese woman.

This leads the good guys to attack
An Eastern Bloc prison to bring them back.
We get some action and suspense,
But we know where this is going before it ends.

Dave Bautista fights some dude in the prison.

The good guys fight. The good guys win.
The bad guys die and that’s the end.
The Chinese guys were boring. The villain was weak.
The heiress would occasionally whimper and speak.

If not for Stallone and his murderous ways,
Few people would care when they save the day.
It gets a four out of six, for it wasn’t the worst,
But this Escape Plan hardly touches the first.

This is the VIP who gets imprisoned. Why couldn’t they have kidnapped somebody with more experience behind bars?

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