Ewoks: The Battle For Endor

Ewoks: The Battle For Endor


Directed by Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat

Starring Wilford Brimley, Warwick Davis, Aubree Miller

Rating: ******

Cindel and her best friend Wicket.

The second Ewoks TV movie
Starts off with a slaughter.
We see an entire human family
Wiped out except the daughter.

The daughter is with Wicket,
Whom Warwick Davis plays.
He has learned to speak some English,
Which he had practiced for many days.

Wicket is an Ewok,
A cute teddy bear-like creature
Which can kill you in a heartbeat,
For he had a warrior for a teacher.

He and the little human girl
First met in the last Ewok flick.
They’ve become very close friends
In the forest green and thick.

Some evil, nasty creatures
Ride in as thieving raiders,
Killing Ewoks, killing people,
And brandishing swords and lasers.

They seek a fearsome power
They believe the humans take on trips
They steal a container
Used to power up their ship.

The evil boss of the bad guys.

It’s not that the humans could fly away,
Since most of them are dead,
Excepting one small girl
And her brave little Ewok friend.

Her friend has also lost family,
But there are still some Ewoks left alive.
The two get captured with these Ewoks,
The very few to have survived.

The girl and Wicket soon escape,
But where now can they go?
The hide in a cave for a night,
But a dragon takes the girl.

Wicket builds a glider
And flies off in pursuit.
He manages to retrieve the girl
And land on the ground near a root.

There they meet a creature
Who can move extremely quickly.
He takes them to a remote house
And they all become friends quite quickly.

But then they meet a gruff old man
With a heart of molten gold.
He’s the man who built the house
Before he got too old.

This film is quite well written.
George Lucas came up with the story.
It’s got adventure, suspense and thrills
As it pulls the viewer up another storey.

The late, great, Wilford Brimley.

For a television movie
The quality’s pretty high.
The budget must have been higher than average
And those involved really seem to try.

It’s better than the preceding movie,
And it’s neat hearing Wicket speak words.
It gets five stars out of six
Because everything seems to work.

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