Free Guy

Free Guy


Directed by Shawn Levy

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi

Rating: ******

Ryan Reynolds as Guy.

Ryan Reynolds
Plays an NPC
In this quaint and charming

He’s a minor character
In a video game
Whose life always
Turns out the same.

This video game
Is online, and it’s huge,
With millions of players,
The nice and the rude.

Ryan Reynolds
Works at a bank
That gets robbed every day
By various cranks.

His home city,
Unlike the Lotto,
Is more akin
To Grand Theft Auto.

Guy meets a pretty woman and becomes Free Guy.

In sunglasses
Cause mayhem from
The upper classes.

The Sunglass People
Are absolved
From all wrongdoing,
Problem solved.

That’s because
They pay to play
From the real world
To this fictional place.

They rob banks
And gun people down,
Steal vehicles,
And shoot up the town.

Ryan is somehow
And decides to do something

He steals some sunglasses
From some guy
And quickly becomes
Free Guy.

He’s an NPC
Who goes off on his own,
To the admiration
Of the seated and prone

Masses of players
Who play this game
Every chance that they get,
It is plain.

He begins reacting
To the real folks,
And confuses them,
That digital bloke.

You see, instead of constantly
Committing crimes,
He goes out of his way
To not commit crimes.

Taika Waititi as the main villain.

They all ask, “Why?”
And that’s the key.
It’s the puzzling piece
that will make them all see.

I’m giving this film
A well-deserved five.
Your laughter will make you
Feel alive.

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